El Matadero

We primarily offer slaughterhouse services for sheep, goats and cattle to farmers and meat sector professionals.

We ensure the conditions are ideal for freezing the meat, quick order preparation and loading onto reefers outbound to our clients. We control all traceability and optimum conditions for the product.

  • Sheep


  • Goat


  • Horse


  • Cattle


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Services during the process

Animals arrive at our facilities and their welfare is ensured through to slaughtering. This is followed by suitable butchering to provide high quality meat products and to make the most of all the by-products.


Halal Guarantee from the Muslim Council:

Compliance with Quality standards for the Halal product certificate for national and international markets; in addition, excellence in food safety and quality.

Official veterinary certificate for meat exportation:

Compliance with the requirements for specific self-control systems certification for the export of MEAT and MEAT products to third countries under RD 993/2014, authorised by Bureau Veritas.

Ministry of Health Registration:

European Health Registration Certificate from the Official Veterinary Service at the Government of Aragon, Spain.


The meat from 'Matadero' is exported around the world